Clinical Research

Clinical Research

Core of our research program

Scientific studies are conducted to prove the efficacy and safety of Heel medicines.

In cooperation with international research partners, our medicine and research teams design and execute randomized, controlled and blinded clinical trials (RCT) and real-world evidence (RWE). Clinical studies at Heel are conducted in strict accordance with worldwide ethical and scientific research standards.

We actively involve independent medical and scientific experts in developing study designs and interpreting the results.

The studies are published in recognized peer reviewed medical journals. They are scientifically recognized as certifying the efficacy and effectiveness of Heel's drugs and are included in several medical guidelines.

Preclinical Research

Curious to learn more?

Then discover how we investigate the biological effects of our Heel medicines.​

Clinical Case Reporting

Interested in clinical case reporting?

Case studies are an important and underused resource for improving healthcare. Therefore, we encourage healthcare professionals to share their clinical experiences with the annual Reckeweg Award on clinical case reports.

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